We have the skillset and advanced tools to attend to any type of repair on any type of phone. The main brands we work with are:

Apple iPhones

Repairs range from basic to advanced. Some of those repairs include:

Smashed or broken screen repair
Charging issues
Speaker not working
Battery draining too fast or not holding the charge
Camera issues
Unresponsive/no power
Software issues

If you have any issue with a phone, we can repair it or find the best solution. We work on a no-fix-no-fee basis and all our repairs come with a 12-month guarantee. The guarantee will vary on cases where the device has been water-damaged (The life of a water-damaged device is unpredictable and the life of the device will vary depending on the case).


iPad repair has proven to be popular at Tech-Zone, but we also provide repairs on:

iPods eg. iPod Touch, Classic, Nano
Samsung Tablets
Kindle & eBooks
iWatch & Samsung S range
Android tablets eg. Nexus tablet
Apple TV
Android Boxes

Example of repairs are:

Screen repair
Charging repair
Sofware reinstall
Battery replacement
Unresponsive/power issues

We could go on and on about all those different devices we can repair for you, however, if you have something technical not listed please just call us and enquire.

Laptops/PC’s come in all shapes and sizes. We can take care of their needs. Some examples include:

Windows Laptops/Notebooks/Netbooks in any size eg. ASUS, Dell, Sony, Alien-Ware, Acer, Lenovo
PC/Desktop Computers
Large tablets with any Operation System (OS) eg. Surface Pro Range
Chrome Books eg. Google Chrome laptop

Examples of repairs we have carried out:

OS reinstall (windows or mac)
Hard drive/Solid State Drive (HDD/SSD) replacement + reinstall
Hardware upgrades eg. RAM, switch to SSD
Screen/display repair
Charging issues
Charger/powerpack replacements
Virus removal
Operating slow
The high temperature coming from vents/fans

Any issues can be attended to as these devices are one of the areas we specialize in. Diagnosis is free if you do not know the problem and we operate on a no-fix-no-fee basis.

CONSOLES – PS4, XBOX, WII, and more.

We can attend to all their needs:

HDMI repair
Disk reading errors
Power issues
Display cracked (Nintendo Switch/DS and others)
Charging issues