Certified & Experienced

We live and breathe technology and we understand there are others that provide basic repairs as hobbyists who may not have solutions for you if anything goes wrong – why take the risk? Most electronics we work on are very costly! Put your device in hands that you can trust. We guarantee to provide an efficient service, and all our services are backed up with a lifetime warranty. We extensively test all our repairs and should there be a fault with your device after a repair, we are very quick to exchange a part or provide a solution under warranty – an insurance many others do not honor.

All Technicians at Tech-Zone hold ACiT Certification (Apple Certified iOS Technician) & ACMT Certification(Apple Certified Mac Technician) as part of ensuring we live up to the standard that Apple expects when a device is repaired/serviced. We continue to remain as a 3rd party despite holding these certifications as we wish to provide services that an authorised Apple center would NOT offer. Most manufacturers will not provide a repair and instead will quote an enormous bill for a whole new board (example) after they are quickly “written off” by following their in-house protocol. Most of the time these faults are very easily rectified at Tech-Zone and are backed up with our warranty. NOTE: We repair all devices from all manufacturers and we wish to take on as many exams where possible from different manufactures to keep up-to-date with the ever-growing technology.