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A Tech-Zone Gift voucher is a great gift idea.

The voucher will not expire and can be used for all our services at all our stores.

Maybe you'd like to treat someone to a repair, or even a down payment on a new custom gamer PC. The possibilities are endless!

To obtain a voucher, please visit one of our stores! Alternatively, we are happy to arrange this over email and send you the voucher digitally.


All Technicians at Tech-Zone hold ACiT Certification (Apple Certified iOS Technician) & ACMT Certification(Apple Certified Mac Technician) as part of ensuring we live up to the standard that Apple expects when a device is repaired/serviced. We continue to remain as a 3rd party despite holding these certifications as we wish to provide services that an authorised Apple center would NOT offer. Most manufacturers will not provide a repair and instead will quote an enormous bill for a whole new board (example) after they are quickly “written off” after following their in-house protocol. Most of the time these faults are very easily rectified at Tech-Zone and are backed up with our warranty. NOTE: We repair all devices from all manufacturers and we wish to take on as many exams where possible from different manufactures to keep up-to-date with the ever-growing technology.

We live and breathe technology and we understand there are others that provide basic repairs as hobbyists who may not have solutions for you if anything goes wrong – why take the risk? Most electronics we work on are very costly! Put your device in hands that you can trust. We guarantee to provide an efficient service, and all our services are backed up with a lifetime guarantee. We extensively test all our repairs and should there be a fault with your device after a repair, we are very quick to exchange a part or provide a solution under warranty – an insurance many others do not honor.

We offer parts in different quality grades but our standard protocol is to quote for the highest possible quality available on the market. That being said, we can provide a solution to suit every budget, and where possible we can provide cheaper parts for a cheaper quote (not recommended). Repairs can be quite costly and combined with the Tech-Zone recycling scheme we aim to reduce the cost for everyone where possible.

We provide micro-soldering services at the board level, across any device. In-Fact, we are the only company in the Channel Islands to provide this service. We may not offer this service at every location, but we can use our internal mailing system to get the job done for you at no extra charge, at one of our locations. Our most experienced micro-solderer is at our Finnish location with a success rate of 95%. Cormac studied electronic engineering in Highlands College,  Jersey, and has almost 25+ years of experience in electronic repairs at board level. We offer soldering services in Finland, Jersey, Ireland, and the UK. We aim to continue to share knowledge between our technicians in-house and expand our services at each location.

Despite being affordable, there are other stores that will try to undercut our pricing. We don’t want you to have to sacrifice with service, and so we offer a price match promise. You will just need to provide the quote from an opposing registered* repair business showing they can carry out the same repair using the same like-for-like part cheaper, then we will match their price!


“GOOD BUSINESS Tech-Zone Jersey. I recently smashed my iPhone screen and dropped it in a toilet, so things weren’t really looking good for my phone as there was a fair bit of damage. Tech zone just recently opened a lovely little store on bath street, so I popped in to see if they could help and I’m so glad I did. 20 minutes after I dropped my phone off, I had a call to say it was ready..20 MINS!! Literately couldn’t believe how quick this was done and for a very very reasonable price. I honestly cannot recommend Tech-Zone enough.”

Mel Wiseman

“I was visiting Guernsey and had let my Samsung S6 get so choked with data that it had become virtually unusable. I stumbled on Tech-Zone just in time. The proprietor was fantastic. Clearly up to date on the latest technology he resolved my pressing issue straight away without any fuss on the spot. If you have an issue with your technology in Guernsey or Jersey I have no hesitation in recommending Tech-Zone.”

James Savage

“Tech-Zone fantastic service. iPhone had a black screen and had taken it to Apple Authorised Reseller – IQ, who would have charged us £35 just to look at the phone. So thought I try out Tech-Zone. No charge to look at it and they found it was water damage and the camera needed to be repaired. He fixed the screen for free and told me the price on the camera if I wanted it done. Will be using these guys for all my tech problems from now on.”

Steven Carre